About Us


Inspiring students and teachers from every culture, with the stories, skills and knowledge of Ancient Australia.

Lighting up in 2012, Crackerjack Education aims to be the channel between Ancient traditional knowledge and the education systems of the world. Showcasing open, honest and awe-inspiring stories from Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people across this great country, Crackerjack Education will change the face of Ancient Indigenous knowledge in education as we know it. 

A digital learning tool, Crackerjack was first launched with a series of eBooks and a few online interactive resources. Indigenous social worker and writer Nola Turner-Jensen and trained psychologist Janelle Latcham have the ultimate vision of supporting 10,000 Crackerjack schools by 2020, with their sights set on highly engaging, positive education impact. Crackerjack’s mission is to be a friend and confidant, allowing every teacher and/or student from all cultures to see their potential in becoming an inspirational entrepreneur, Dreamtime storyteller or expert cultural educator with real access to a trusted Crackerjack team to support and care about their well-being along the way.

Crackerjack Education will lead the way, creating exciting learning opportunities for teachers to meet the requirements of the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers 1.4 and 2.4 through innovative training courses and programs, storytelling, and community partnerships with individual educators and thought-leading schools/organisations who align with our values and purpose.

The Crackerjack values

Every culture deserves to feel respected, learned from and heard. We encourage abundance and connectedness — we are glass-half-full people and we aim to help strengthen the identity of all Australians by sharing in the Ancient knowledge and wisdom of this country’s Indigenous peoples. We believe in mutualism — give to receive. We are authentic and speak from experience through our journey and expertise as trained Indigenous social workers, writers, educators and Australian relationship psychologists.

Contact Nola at nola@crackerjackeducation.com.au for further information