How Aboriginal Kids Learn Best Today

How Aboriginal Kids Learn best

MODULE DURATION (guide only)

5 accredited teaching hours

This module is comprised of an introduction and three units. Each unit is designed to take approximately 100 minutes, plus assessment activities, for a total of 5 PD hours.


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This new and continuous Indigenous learning platform from Crackerjack Education is designed to make it easier to navigate the job of teaching. It offers a shared space for exchanging culturally safe content, knowledge and experience.

This groundbreaking course clearly and easily guides educators on how to become an accomplished teacher of Ancient Australia. It utilises the vast array of Crackerjack Education resources and the philosophies of Ancient Indigenous culture as the tools for teachers to access and follow along.

Based on six years of Australian research, we are excited to offer an Indigenous learning environment that is fun and positive, and provides an authentic framework for educators to work within across all ages and subject areas.


  • How can CHIP fit into Australia’s Education System
  • What is the Teaching and Learning Strategies of a Collective Mindset child?
  • Collective Homes to Individual Classrooms
  • Why Aboriginal Learning Styles are different?
  • Which mindset do you belong to —Collective or Individual?
  • Do different Mindsets affect how we learn?
  • Do different Mindsets affect how we communicate?
  • Mapping Mindsets from around the world
  • Hoe to include CHIP activities


Complete the multiple-choice and practical assessment reflection questions for each unit, and utilise the recommended matched Crackerjack Education resources.


This module aims to support and inform participants in understanding of the following:

  • Unit 0  Introduction
  • Unit 1 Ancient history of education in Australia and how that can be restored
  • Unit 2 It’s not just Aboriginal and Australians – CHIP is for all cultures
  • Unit 3 CHIP learning strategies to localise Australian Education


  • The ability to create the most amazing and diverse classrooms and workplaces
  • The understanding of the reasons behind different learning styles
  • Considerably increasing your understanding of people’s behaviour, beliefs and values
  • A mindfulness of your own culture and the effect it has on your daily work practices and interactions, and how this influences behaviour at your organisation.
  • The acquisition of further skills and tools in areas such as storytelling, assigning totems and Ancient Australian philosophy teachings
  • The understanding of what drives people’s decision making, and how to consider and recognise the different perspectives and processes of people outside of your own cultural group

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