By completing the Crackerjack Education Indigenous Knowledge Circle Training module, teachers receive certification evidence for 5 hours of professional development training and accreditation. The module content relates to the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers as identified by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL).

Standard 1 — Know students and how they learn
1.4 Strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students
Standard 2 — Know the content and how to teach it
2.4 Understand and respect Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to promote reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians

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Upon completion of the training module, Crackerjack Education will supply teachers with a certificate that reflects 5 completed hours of professional development training in the areas of Professional Knowledge (PK) or Professional Engagement (PE).

For teachers in NSW and the ACT, Crackerjack will forward your accreditation to the Teacher Registration Board for your state or territory. For all other states and territories, Crackerjack will maintain a record of your accreditation.



Step 1

If you are an individual teacher, purchase an Individual Subscription here for only $99 OR purchase our Professional Development Accreditation Package (Individual Subscription plus Accreditation) here for only $198.

If you are a teacher with a School Membership subscription, proceed to Step 2.

Step  2

Purchase Professional Development Accreditation here for only $99.

For schools that would like to purchase batch accreditation for their users, please contact Crackerjack Customer Service at for more information.

Step  3

Access the Professional Development Training Module here.

Step  4

Click on the first section 0.1 Introduction to Belief Systems. Once you have read the content in this section, click the Mark as Completed button. Your progress will be recorded. Then click the Next Section button to proceed to the next section in the module.

Step  5

Complete the multiple-choice and practical assessment tests for each unit. The multiple-choice questions are automatically marked, so you will receive your grade instantly. If you receive a mark below 50%, you will be able to submit again until you reach the minimum grade. The practical assessment questions require short-answer responses. Once submitted, these will be forwarded to the Crackerjack accreditation team to be manually marked.

Step  6

Progress through the entire module, marking all sections as completed and submitting your test answers. You must submit all multiple-choice and practical assessment tests in the module in order for the marking process to begin. Once you have submitted your practical assessment for Unit 3, you will receive your final mark and accreditation certificate within one week. You will be required to supply your Teacher Registration Number to the Crackerjack accreditation team when requested.


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