Teaching with Aunty – A cultural expert in your classroom

We would like to introduce to you our Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander site full of digital & static resources ready for primary schools around Australia.

At Crackerjack Education we have brought together a team of experts to develop, design and source an extensive range of Indigenous online resources to cover all the subject areas in the new Australian National Curriculum.

Teaching with Aunty Support Guides have been designed and written for teachers within all schools across Australia.  Our support guides are attached to our resources to give confidence and ease of mind to Non-Indigenous teachers when teaching about our people’s culture.

These step by step guides are specific to each resource and therefore ensure the cultural content within the resources are identified and explained in an easy practical manner.

Linking Curriculum & culture

On this section of our website you will find a table which lays out the linking of image1the National Curriculum and our resources.

Our expert team have individually designed written and chosen Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander online resources that match each code of the Australian Curriculum.







Using our Crackerjack support guides Access all sections of our image2Teaching with Aunty Support Guides, making it easy for Educators to teach Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander culture in the Classroom











image3Teaching with Aunty Support Guides.

These support guides have been written For each individual resource and Highlight & explain the cultural content within each of our resources.

Section 1; Introduction, topic and author details











image4Section 2; Teachers notes and prior Viewing questions Step by Step shared Viewing Information with language words & cultural Content explained.

















Section 3; After viewing discussion Ideas and focus questions about the Individual resource A great way to engage students













image6Section 4; List of National Curriculum codes from All areas that the individual resource is matched to.

Tick off all of the National Curriculum Cross Curricular priority – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander communities in the one place












image7Section 5; Original designed printouts, Comprehension activities and images to Reinforce learning

Aunties’ team have designed age appropriate, Unique printouts and activities with full instructionsAnd guidelines