TQI ACT Educators

To sign up and purchase our Message Stick learning course/s please read the following instructions;

The following courses are currently TQI ACT accredited (Other courses coming soon)

Primary Educators
Message Stick Learning – Dreaming (Module 2)  2hrs    $74.95
Message Stick Learning – Seasonal Knowledge ( Module 6 )  4hrs $99.955circlesposterslide2

Early Years – 4-8 years
5 Circles of Dreaming Landscapes Course (Online Modules for Early Educators)   6hrs $199.95




Fill out the sign-up form and you will be directed to a Module information page, choose the module you wish to complete and pay through PayPal or contact us for an invoice

The list below is of common questions you may have regarding the course.

  • How do I access the training?

    1. Use your username and password to login to the site.
    2. Select ‘My course’.
    3. Click on the course title to begin.
    4. Use the ‘Next’ and ‘Previous’ buttons to navigate the course.
    • How do I save my progress?

      The Learning Management System automatically saves your progress for you. You can log off or close the window at anytime during your training.
    • How do I change my password or details?
    1. First, make sure you have logged in.
    2. Select ‘My Account’ from the main menu.
    3. Enter your details into the form.
    4. Click ‘Save Changes’ to update the record.
  • Individual Modules – Cost varies for each module