The Team

Nola Turner-Jensen - Principal Director -

Aboriginal/English/Irish Australian woman from Wiradjuri country NSW Nola is Founder, Principal Director, A Beach Originalcontent writer and Aboriginal  consultant for the website. She is an Independent researcher,  published children’s author of “The Sugarbag” and “The Sand Symbols”. She was appointed the head writer for the Indigenous Literacy Project in 2012–and as a former Social worker she is passionate about strengthening culture and building resilience in young Australians.  Nola brings her vast creative abilities to the site with original contemporary Dreamtime stories, poems, rhymes and age appropriate cultural information stories. Having worked as an Indigenous Early Childhood Consultant for many years and founder of the largest Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood Company in Sugarbag OriginalAustralia, Nola is up to the challenge of working with the Crackerjack team & the 50,000 Years project to deliver an exciting and culturally amazing Ancient Australia website.

Janelle Latcham - Director -

Scottish/Irish/Australian woman from Brisbane, Queensland, Janelle has been a practicing educator for over a decade.  This journey as an educator has instilled in Janelle a passion for all things Australian and educating children of today about this countries great history and treasures, including expanding their knowledge of Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander culture.  Janelle also holds a degree in psychology which gives her great insight into what is required to give a child a well rounded educational experience. Janelle is the curriculum researcher, marketing guru and co-editor of the Crackerjack Education website.

Lynn Chapman - Film Producer/Aboriginal adviser

Aboriginal woman from Wakka Wakka country of Eidsvold, Qld. Lynn has over 20 years experience working within Aboriginal education as a Community Education Counsellor, and the last 3 years honing her skills as a film producer. Since starting her company Willy Wagtail Film Productions, her passion is found and the future is exciting. Lynn has been working with the EATSIPEC early years team for the past 12 months implementing the Qld governments Kindy program.

Bridget Garay - Torres Strait Cultural Consultant

Torres Strait islander woman from Mer (Murray Island) Eastern Torres Strait – Meriam Language Group. Bridget has trained and worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities around Australia to develop financially viable opportunities and self empowerment programs.  Since starting her company Journey Forward, she has established many private enterprise businesses in remote and urban communities and continues to connect corporate Australia with the Indigenous people of this great land.

Michelle Jia - Non-Indigenous woman from Coffs Harbour, NSW

Michelle is a recently retired primary school teacher of 25 years who is lending her extensive educational experience to our team.  Michelle’s guidance in regards to lesson planning and keeping our resources teacher friendly has proved invaluable.  As the wife of a Torres Strait Islander and mother of 2 boys, her understanding of cultural education as well as mainstream education means she is has become a very important member of our team.

De Greer - Yindimincarlie - is the owner / operator of Yindi Artz - Authentic Aboriginal Creations

Yindi Artz has been operating on the Sunshine Coast for the last five years.  De is an Aboriginal woman from the Wiradjuri Nation in Central Western New South Wales, Australia. Yindi Artz creates exciting and innovative works, while keeping sight of individual and business requirements.  De is an award winning Aboriginal artist, winning the 2008 South East QLD NAIDOC award for distinguished services in the Visual Arts Industry, and in 2011 De was a ‘DEADLY AWARD’ nominee for ‘Visual artist of the year.

Preston Campbell - Former professional footballer

Preston Campbell has become one of Australia’s most influential sporting ambassadors, with a track record of volunteer work that has made a significant difference to both the Indigenous communities and to the ethos of the National Rugby League (NRL). It was Preston who masterminded the Indigenous All stars football game which now kicks off the NRL season.

Dale Chapman (Dilly bag)

Dale is an Indigenous woman, born in Dirranbandi in SW Queensland – Kooma tribal lands, and a fully qualified chef. As a chef and teacher with Aboriginal roots, Dale’s goal is not only to introduce these unique foods and tastes to the public but also to re-introduce her People to using bush tucker again.