About us

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Our Vision

Crackerjack Education is proud to bring you the 50,000 Years Project.

We are an independent social enterprise company and include a team of people who are passionate about presenting Indigenous people’s ancient knowledge and history to the world within a culturally safe and positive framework.  This framework stems from an awareness by a group of Australian Indigenous people that they have to find a way for others to learn and share their culture for it to survive. It also demonstrates how to deliver Indigenous programs that are completely and positively supported and include all the necessary resources to encourage Non-Indigenous people to deliver and share with confidence and joy in any location.

The 50,000 Years Project has a simple but exciting working philosophy that focuses on the humanity we all share, respecting difference and valuing diversity, breaking down the walls that keep the current negative cycles in respect to Non-Indigenous and Indigenous peoples interactions running, and enabling a positive cycle to develop in its place.

Our framework shows how Non-Indigenous people will benefit incredibly when they connect, value and take personal pride in their countries Ancient cultures, and why it is critical for Indigenous peoples to support them in a positive manner to do so.

With a unique balance of listening and learning from Indigenous and non- Indigenous perspectives and world views, we have developed strategies to focus on the Ancient Indigenous knowledge systems as a first step of learning.  By knowing and learning the historical and sacred Ancient knowledge systems, people of today can only then truly understand the issues, loss & traumas that have been carried with each generation and continue to be handed down to our children of the future.

50,000 Years project focuses is on positively supporting the workforce of Australia through training and PD to understand that by including Ancient Australian knowledge systems in all training and education areas. A deep connection will occur between Non-Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people and the Ancient history of their own country and neighborhood. 

Contact Nola at nola@crackerjackeducation.com.au