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    Long Day Care Professional Development Programme Provider

    Certified Online, self-paced cultural competency course perfect to meet the LDCDP funding requirements. How to include Ancient Australian games, craft and fun filled learning and discover how Aboriginal Australians honored our native plants, animals and landscapes- Contact nola@crackerjackeducation.com.au to order today.

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    NEW Australian Bush Life Landscapes kit

    learn their knowledge and incredible skills of Australian fresh waterways always had plenty of food in the rivers, creeks, billabongs and on the land nearby

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    5 Circle of Dreaming landscapes Program

    Learn the from the Ancient Australian Dreaming Program

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    Read more Ocean Life kits for early childhood

    Our site is focused on sharing and teaching about your Ancient Australia and all its magic and beauty

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    Crackerjack Education Snapshop

    Crackerjack Education - what we do and how our programs are connected

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Our expert team have individually designed written and chosen Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander online resources that match each Indigenous code of the Australian Curriculum. We have allocated them under Year level and subject as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander topics.  These topics include:
Language, Dreaming Stories, Cultural maths, Cultural knowledge, Poetry, songs and rhyme, Cultural texts, Kinship, Weather seasons, First contact, Status and rights, Commemorative events, Communicating with culture, Country and place, Notable individuals and Comparing cultures.

A few clicks of a button and you will have access to a huge selection of animations, stories, videos and interactive activities.


It's your Ancient Australia

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